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Month: March 2016

Demolition Derby

Work continues on the Fairgrounds as demolition of the track and infield areas appears to be complete. As State Fair Hound reported earlier, the food stands that once lined the fence behind the NO TOWERInternational Pavilion and the Poultry Building, heading down to the midway staging area are gone. Also missing is the Times Square Tower, built not that long ago and the subject of a Hound post (Times Square A-changin’, Sep. 15, 2015) that is now rendered irrelevant.


The Hound will keep track of new developments and report on progress made toward the expansive upgrade of the grounds currently under construction.







In case you were wondering, all of the major buildings, the livestock barns and the Restaurant Row food stands are all intact with no plans announced to change that. The racing stables, visible beyond the flattened infield area in the photo at left, are also being preserved.

Debut Decision

Several acts have been announced for the new Chevy Court stage at this year’s New York State Fair while the awkward relationship with the Lakeview Amphitheater heats up as well.

Thus far, three concerts are booked at the new venue during the run of the Fair, starting on opening day with Keith Urban. AMPHI 1The talented Aussie played the Grandstand twice in recent years, proving himself a dynamic live performer and a fan favorite. But for potential concert patrons who love the Fair, this booking presents a dilemma.

Opening Day, 2016 will be like none other as the new midway, reworked campground and shuffling of food stand locations are among the intriguing changes being unveiled that day. State Fair Hound is aware that the Fair and Onondaga County, which owns the amphitheater, are working on plans to transport people from the Fairgrounds to the concerts and back. It’s a big change from the days of entering the grounds to enjoy the Fair and capping it off with a simple stroll to the Grandstand and it seems unlikely that most fans will do both in one day.

For The Hound, the choice is clear—be part of the historic day that unveils phase one of the Fairgrounds makeover and attend a show at Joanie’s Toxic Waste Bed Theater another day. INSIDE AMPHI 1For those who simply can’t forego seeing Urban, they can use their State Fair Ticket another day, even one less historic than Aug. 25, 2016.

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