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Month: November 2015

Poultry in Motion

The main course of many a Thanksgiving meal started out as a beautiful feathered creature, like this blue-ribbon winner BLUE-RIBBON TURKEY 14photographed by State Fair Hound photographer Nick LoPresti at the 2014 New York State Fair.

Be thankful that the Fair gives visitors, especially city folks, a chance to see Empire State livestock as live animals. Ironically, meat is widely eaten at the many Fair food stands. But the barns filled with beautiful animals may cause a few people to consider ethical questions concerning the meat industry.

Back Court

The New York State Fair’s ambitious plan to replace the Chevrolet Court stage includes building a new, larger stage and a two-story backstage building, moving the whole structure back and taking out the grassy area now behind it. OCT 15 023The relocation means more space in front for fans to gather.

Fair Acting Director Troy Waffner told State Fair Hound that even more viewer space will be created by reducing the roadways on adjoining the court by covering half the space with grass. The current projection is for enough area in front of the new, higher stage to accommodate up to 40,000 fans comfortably. That would be quite an accomplishment as you may recall that most of the estimated 36,900 fans present for the Sep. 6 Steve Miller Band concert were decidedly uncomfortable.

Thus, management of the crowds goes beyond creating space. To that end, the plan calls for walkways created within the court area and plenty of video projection screens for those far from the stage.

State Fair Hound wonders how much work can be done during the winter to get this project completed by Syracuse Nationals’ 2016 run. That’s another reason to hope for a mild winter.

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