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Month: December 2015

Lovely Branches

Families who found the choices in Christmas tree shopping confusing should make a mental note to visit the New York State Christmas Tree Growers tent at next year’s New York State Fair. CHRISTMAS TREES 15There you’ll find live examples of various tree species and literature to help you figure out the qualities and characteristics of each type. Staff on hand offer expert advice.

It may be hard to get interested in Christmas in August and September, but you can use what you learn every December.


Season’s greetings from State Fair Hound.


Midway Spin

We’re now just over three months since New York State Fair 2015 closed on Labor Day and the Fair’s website tells us that there are 260 days left until next year’s expo begins with the opening of a brand new main gate.

More exciting though, is the plan for a new midway. It will be larger with a different set-up location and modified orientation. More rides are in the plan, maybe some we haven’t seen here before. TOPS FROM OT 15Wade Shows’ midway—seen here in Nick LoPresti’s overhead shot–has been impressive in its first two years here, so it’s not too soon to feel exhilaration over prospects for the big redesign.

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