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Countdown Photo–17 Weeks

The Hound has heard that our New York State Fair had the first Ferris Wheel. This one is the latest version.

The Hound has heard that our New York State Fair had the first Ferris Wheel. This one is the latest version.

Countdown Photo–24 Weeks

Broadway debuted in 2016 as a straight and smooth route for the Fair's parade.

Broadway debuted in 2016 as a straight and smooth route for the Fair’s parade.

Countdown Photo–30 Weeks

A mini car show featured this vintage Beetle.

A mini car show featured this vintage Beetle.

Cool Cats

At this year’s New York State Fair, every cat will have its day, at least if it’s a lynx. Hawk Creek Wildlife Center is hosting demonstrations featuring three kinds of the felines, sometimes called bobcats or wildcats, daily at Noon, 2:30 and 4:30.

The 30-minute presentation takes place in a white tent tucked into the corner between the Horticulture Building and the International Pavilion, not far from the State Police exhibit. MEISHAThere you can meet Meisha, an African Serval, pictured at left, and Rena, a Eurasian Lynx. Kodiak, a Canada Lynx, represents a breed native to New York and the most familiar looking of the trio.


Staff tells their stories and gives a lot of background on the breeds, but the cats, which aren’t much larger than house cats, have to stay in their cages.

Three non-feline animals are also presented–Dakota, a gray fox, Ripper, a porcupine and Oz, a kudamundi. Hawk Creek, which has been hosting a birds of prey exhibit for the past few years, focuses on education and conservation, always showing fascinating animals that add entertainment and appreciation of our wildlife.

All presentations are free of charge.

Gallop Over to World of Horses

There have been some improvements to one of the New York State Fair’s best features, known last year as Equine Avenue. The newly-expanded, World of Horses lets visitors get close to horses—as depicted in this photo by State Fair Hound’s Nick LoPresti—PETTING AT EA 15and is a wealth of information and entertainment about them.

This year they’ll be celebrating the success of Olympic equestrians, particularly gold medal winning New Yorkers Beezie Madden of Cazenovia and McLain Ward of Brewster. No appearances by our Olympians have been announced, but that would be a real coup for the Fair, if arranged.

Fairgoers can learn about breeds, care, physiology and all things equine. There will be games, prizes, trivia and photo ops. Best of all, there will be friendly horses within petting range.


Flea the Scene

City Market, an antiques and flea market that debuted last year, returns to the back of the Chevy Court area on Aug. 28 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. FLEA 15Local vendors will again display collectibles, crafts, art and rare pieces not often found at the Fair. It’s definitely worth a visit.

Fab Firsts

Review of the 2015 New York State Fair continues today with a look at State Fair Hound’s favorite new features. Equine Avenue tops the list, EQUINE AVE 2-15a tent that not only allowed close-up looks at some beautiful horses, but also allowed visitors to pet and pat the animals. Horse-related educational displays made it even better.

Improvements to the Iroquois Village, along with a rejuvenated Six Nations Day, made this a banner year for the original inhabitants of what is now New York. I VILLAGE ENTRANCE 15The new archway entrance, a huge dining deck and newly-paved paths that preserved the rustic look were terrific upgrades. An inside source revealed to the Hound that more improvements are on the way with replacement of the buildings planned for next year.

An unexpected first-year display showed how maple syrup is harvested and processed for sale. MAPLE DISPLAY 2-15Set in a corner of the Horticulture building, it impressed Fair patrons with how much goes into bringing maple products to the market.

The Hound also hopes to see the return of the City Market, this year held on Aug. 29 only. Meanwhile Rexie the T-Rex quickly established himself (herself?) as a favorite of kids and adults and one of the Fair’s most photographed characters.

The Hound’s review rolls on tomorrow and beyond.

Sky High Guy

During the 2015 New York State Fair, your State Fair Hound has greatly increased the site’s photo file, many new images having been shot by crack Hound photojournalist, Nick LoPresti. COASTER FROM OT 15Saturday Nick, defying all risk, took some new pics from the Observation Tower ride, new to the Wade Shows midway this year (Tower of Power, Aug. 8, 2015).

CONE STAND 15The photos shot from the 100-foot-tall ride offer a proverbial birds-eye view of nearby rides, the infield and buildings near and far.

RIDE CLOSE-UP 15The Hound appreciates the courtesy of Wade Shows staff in getting Nick airborne early for these panoramic shots.


Super Market

SF FLEA MKT. 3There seems to have been some confusion in information distributed by the Fair regarding on the date that the City Market would be on the grounds. A couple of dozen vendors were set up behind Chevy Court on Saturday Aug. 29 and, as far as the Hound knows, that’s the only scheduled date. Too bad, because it was a dandy addition that day as the antique dealers and flea market vendors had a busy spot with plenty of traffic.


Fair patrons browsed furniture, jewelry, candles, artwork, pottery, musical instruments and collectables, sheltered by tents on a sunny day. The sellers are some of the folks that set up at the monthly market in Armory Square.


The Hound hopes to see this colorful and creative event become a regular feature of the Fair. It’s another winner.


Newfound Nuggets

Some of the best new features noticed by the Hound as he wandered the Fair on opening day weren’t heavily publicized, but are great new wrinkles.


This roaring dinosaur character was seen posing with friends young and old as he roamed the wild terrain near the main gate. Rexie the T-Rex is a newcomer to the Fairgrounds and is likely to become a favorite among the roaming characters.


The Hound was really impressed with an expanded maple display that balances the nearby maple sales and product showcase. It’s an extravagantly assembled exhibit featuring tree tapping gear and a sap boiler. Sample tastes are available nearby.

PATH TO LONGHOUSE 15The newly-paved paths in the Iroquois Village have a classy mottled look and grainy texture that help preserve the rustic feel of the land around the Turtle Mound, exhibit buildings and souvenir huts. The one pictured leads to the historic longhouse.

One established Fair vendor, King David’s isn’t in its customary location outside the Grange Building. The Hound hopes to sniff it out soon as he loves chowing down on their Middle Eastern cuisine. More on that later.

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