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Month: February 2016

Ground Zero

We’ve officially hit the halfway point between last year’s New York State Fair and this year’s Aug. 25 opening day. There’s always tremendous anticipation as news about the coming Fair starts to trickle out, the first Chevy Court announcement, having come with the naming of the classic soul band the Commodores as the headliners for Aug. 30.

As Fair fans know, this year is especially exciting as major construction is underway to make improvements on the grounds. FG CONSTR.1But before the bigger, state-of-the-art campground, the expanded, modernized midway and the automated, accessible main gate can be debuted, builders have to make a mess and that they have done. A recent visit to the grounds was somewhat stunning as demolition and excavation have rendered parts of our beloved Fairgrounds unrecognizable.

The entire infield and midway areas are leveled and fenced off. MAIN GATE CONSTR.Surprisingly, even the Lottery Pavilion, formerly the Paisano stand, is gone. So far, the Chevy Court stage building is still standing. Looking at these exclusive State Fair Hound photos, it’s hard to believe that the new stage, along with all of the other first-phase projects will be completed for Syracuse Nationals, now less than five months away.

Degrees of Attitude

When the wind chills Central New York air to -20, it’s hard to believe that less than six months ago we were sweltering at the New York State Fair. Remember the SF 2015 KC-12 066fiercely loyal fans waiting out show time at Chevy Court, using umbrellas as protection from the brutal sun?

Nearby Fair patrons sought out the misting stations to provide brief respite. MISTER-MAINGATE 15Notice the main gate in the background, that entry having recently been leveled in preparation for construction of a new, modernized gate.

Picture Perfect

Bet you’re still smiling when you think about all of the fun you had at the 2105 New York State Fair.


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