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Month: January 2016

Mercury Blues

With the winter doldrums settled over Syracuse, FW KIDS 15


State Fair Hound invites you to enjoy these memories of last year’s Fair,  CC UMBRELLA CREW 15


one of the hottest on record.


Aisle Be Seeing You

The New York State Fair Grandstand will go out with a bang on Saturday as explosives will be used to collapse the site of so many memorable Fair concerts, the Syracuse Mile harness racing series GS WITH SUN 15and more than a few Super Dirt Weeks.

The gaping hole left in the Fair infrastructure will, no doubt, provide a stunning view for longtime Fair fans. The excitement of new construction will follow close behind as crews move in to transform the area for next year.

The layout plan released by the Fair indicates that the new RV park will take up most of the vacated ground, with the enlarged midway alongside. GS-RV FROM OT 15For those locals who complain that the Fair never changes, 2016 will be your year.


Countdown to a New Fair

As snow flurries pelt the Fairgrounds on this New Year’s Day, there may not be many people thinking about the Aug. 25 opening of the 2016 New York State Fair. MIDNIGHT 14But there’s going to be a lot of action over the next eight months, so true believers should be excited that this year at our favorite festival will be like none before it.

The clock has struck midnight for the soon-to-be-demolished Grandstand and track, and State officials are in the process of hiring a construction firm to renovate the main gate, GRANDSTAND 12-15expand the midway area and prepare the new, relocated RV park.

While State Fair Hound and all Fair aficionados always look ahead with anticipation, this year will be one for the history books and this winter will bring unprecedented activity during the Fair’s off-season.


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