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Month: April 2016

Setting the Stage

A recent article on revealed a surprising change in plans for this year’s New York State Fair. State Fair Hound confirmed with Fair spokesman Dave Bullard that organizers have decided that they won’t be replacing the Chevrolet Court stage FIREPLACES AND FAIRGROUNDS 036and backstage building as had been previously announced.

Last fall, Acting Director Troy Waffner had told State Fair Hound that a new, larger stage was coming in 2016 with a two-story backstage building that would provide nicer amenities for touring acts. As The Hound reported (Back Court, Nov. 12, 2015), the new stage structure would be moved back—that is, nearer to the main gate—to make more space in front for fans to gather.

While that may remain on the long term agenda, it’s off the to-do list for 2016. Widening of the grass area is still in the works as a way to make the area more hospitable to large crowds.

Bullard mentioned some other changes coming, among them freshening the exterior of several of the iconic buildings, HORT PORTRAIT 14including the fabulous façade of the Horticulture Building.

Parents will find a large square of rides for the youngest riders in a new location, behind the International Building. Bullard credits the mild winter just past with the massive project to renovate the Fair being ahead of schedule.GIRL KID RIDE 14

Home Court

More Chevrolet Court acts have been announced and State Fair Hound is looking forward to a steady stream as summer approaches. It should be obvious by now that Chevy acts are the Fair’s major shows as the Lakeview Amphitheater is an Onondaga County venue, not a New York State Fair venue.

The interplay between the two will be something to watch as loyal readers already know that the Hound expects well-attended lakeside shows to be more a detriment to the Fair itself than an advantage. ETHERIDGE BLUE GUITAR 15The Fair website doesn’t list amphitheater concerts and don’t expect Fair advertising to include those shows either.

Let’s face it, Cuomo really screwed this up. After years of Grandstand concerts providing a potential boost for the Fair and being marquee events in Fair promotion, that major draw is gone. The new venue should be on the Fairgrounds and a part of the sensational Fair experience. Of course, if his boneheaded blunder is a factor in Fair attendance not being high enough for Prince Andy, he’ll blame everybody but himself.

For here on out, State Fair Hound won’t be covering the Lakeview Amphitheater. CCOURT WITH CROWD 15It’s not the New York State Fair, thus not worthy of the attention of Fair aficionados. Acts already announced at the soon-to-be-renovated Chevy Court include Chicago, Herman’s Hermits, the Commodores and Culture Club and you should expect some really big name performers added to pack the re-designed courtyard.

With time growing short to complete that project, your Hound is watching with some anxiety, ready to report back to you as the Fairgrounds are updated. There’s much to do in the 20 weeks left before opening day.

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