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Wave Goodbye and Enter the Future

Today State Fair Hound introduces its new header photo, cropped from a shot taken on Labor Day, 2016 by Hound photographer Nick LoPresti. _DSC2090The previous header featured the most beautiful ride ever on our midway, Strates Shows’ wave swinger, also seen through Nick’s lens. Alas, Wades Shows doesn’t have a wave swinger, so photos will have to sustain us from here on out.

A Look Back

Those of us who have attended many New York State Fairs love renewing acquaintances with people we’ve seen working there year after year. At the same time we miss some fair regulars who are no longer there, for one reason or another.

Last year we posted tributes to antiques tool guru Nick Nichols, who cut back his touring schedule, excluding the Fair, and broom crafter Walt Thomas, who passed away, leaving his corner of the Agricultural Museum vacant.


We still miss the melodious voice and gracious manner of Bob Gibbons, longtime Fair announcer, and vendor Bob Hamley, who peddled roses, lemonade and popcorn at the back of the Chevy Court area for years.

This year, thick-cut pizza lovers will miss the Anna’s stand, which now joins such popular businesses as Buck’n’Bum, Xristou’s, Boom Boom, Paisano’s and the dog tag maker guy in the lore of State Fairs past. We also miss the presence of the James E. Strates Shows centerpiece ride, the Wave Swinger with its art deco styling and rotating light pattern.


No doubt you have your own memories of Fair people who were significant in your experiences. While no individual or business is indispensable to operation of the Fair, each has made a contribution to what it is now and for that we’re grateful.

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