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Month: July 2016

Midway Takeaways

Kudos to Matt Mulcahy of CNY Central for a report broadcast on Thursday featuring a tour of changes at the Fairgrounds with commentary from Troy Waffner. NEW MIDWAY AREAThe acting director showed off the stately new main gate, where he said 60 percent of Fair attendees enter.

Waffner also gave viewers a look at the 12 acres of newly paved blacktop that will serve as the launching pad for midway madness come Aug. 25.

At one end of the midway, near the main buildings, a grassy area will be used to stage the kiddieland rides, GRASSY SPOTa great idea that means that excited toddlers who trip won’t skin their knees. Both areas are shown in photos taken during Syracuse Nationals.

State Fair Hound tried unsuccessfully to find the video from Mulcahy’s report on the CNY Central website, but maybe it will turn up in coming days. It’s certainly worth a look.

New Frontiers

A weekend trip to the Syracuse Nationals served as a dress rehearsal for the refreshed Fairgrounds. State Fair Hound will be sharing some photos to get you ready for the new look you will encounter when you visit, starting Aug. 25. MAIN GATE NATS 16For those who believe that first impressions are crucial, the retro-look main gate is handsome and welcoming.

The new RV park–campground if you prefer–is no longer fenced off from the main grounds. It stretches from the spot formerly occupied by the Grandstand to the racing stables, GS GONEskirting the new blacktop midway.

Check back for more photos coming soon.

Field of Schemes

Take a look at the expanse of open space created at our New York State Fair by eliminating the Grandstand and track. OPEN FG

Veteran Fair patrons will be wowed looking across the field where an enlarged midway will rise in August. The openness and removal of barriers make it seem as if the Fairgrounds is larger and easier to negotiate.

The first test of the new setup starts Friday with the opening of this year’s Syracuse Nationals. VIEW FROM INTL.State Fair Hound will be there for that first look and will report back with new photos

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