Traditions are a vital component at the New York State Fair, but there are some that may have outlived their appeal. Labor Day features a parade by various union groups that march down the front road and circle Chevy Court. Certainly it’s appropriate to recognize and accommodate working folks on Labor Day. But moving the parade to Broadway, as other parades were moved, would be a good idea, still visible, but less disruptive on what has become a very busy day.


For some reason, part of this Labor Day tradition has been the inclusion in the parade of motorcycles being driven along the route. Bikes can be cool and some fairgoers enjoy seeing them, but this year, the roar from some of the engines was ear-splitting. If you were trapped in the Chevy Court/Dinosaur Bar-B-Que island, you were subjected to potential eardrum damage from the excessive noise.

Re-routing this parade and eliminating excessively-loud bikes are two ideas whose times have come.