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New York’s Cavalry

The expanded and relocated State Police exhibit area at the 2017 New York State Fair attraction featured appearances by mounted troopers. THATWAY 17The horses were an exciting addition to an already popular exhibition. When dismounted, officers chatted with visitors and allowed petting of their steeds. The horses took their place alongside police dogs in promoting good community relations for troopers at the Fair. Look forward to a return engagement next year.

Digging It

The New York State Fair isn’t wasting any time preparing for next year. Ground has been broken for two highly anticipated projects, continuing the expansion and improvement of the Expo Center. MW CONSTR. 17Inside the grounds, space is being cleared for  the new exhibition building. It’s going up just past the western terminus of the Broadway Sky Liner.

Meanwhile, excavation of the Orange parking lot can be seen just off the Camillus Bypass. It’s scheduled to be paved and reorganized by next Fair (Orange and Blacktop, Oct. 17, 2o17).

Wild and Wooly

You know it’s autumn when alpacas invade the New York State Fairgrounds. The cuddly mammals will fill the exhibit center from Friday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Admission and parking are free for a program filled with judging events, vendors, exhibits and a photo contest. 3 ALPACAS 16These remarkable creature, native to the Andes Mountains of South America will inhabit dozens of pens, sometimes with reach of visitors, although they are notoriously shy, often avoiding people intent on giving them a pat.

As fall winds bring cool weather, it may be a good idea to pick up some gloves, hats, socks, and sweaters knitted from alpaca fur, as warm and soft as any wool you will find.



Orange and Blacktop

The state has released the plan for renovation of the New York State Fair orange parking lot, the massive prairie that lies between I-690 and Onondaga Lake. The $27 million dollar upgrade plan calls for paving the entire lot, which is also used for concerts at the Lakeview Amphitheater. BUS TO ORANGE

As you’ve read previously on State Fair hound, a paved, lined version of the Big Orange not only makes it a smoother parking experience for motorists, it helps reduce congestion on the interstate by getting cars off the highway and into spaces quicker. Improved access ramps to and from the 65-acre lot are also in the works.

Additionally, the Fair estimates that thousands more cars will fit thanks to the organization that comes with a white-line grid, while better drainage will prevent loss of space to ponding of rainwater on the surface. Better lighting will be added, increasing the odds you can actually find your vehicle after a day on the grounds.

There’s an impressive rendering of the finished project on the Fair website,, under “press center.”


Every Day at the New York State Fair is Indigenous Peoples Day.

Every Day at the New York State Fair is Indigenous Peoples Day. State Fair Hound salutes our Haudenosaunee neighbors.

Falling Away

A recent trip to the New York State Fairgrounds, now over a month after closing with a bang on a record Labor Day, was stunning in how empty the site looks despite a large RV sale and a popular horse show. SL POSTS 17

The long-range vista is now permanently defined by posts left in place after disassembly of the Broadway Skyliner. Memories of off-season visitors will be stimulated by the 35-foot-high orange beams, now stripped of the seats.




So far, the colorful mural painted during the Fair still stands in the Times Square area. ARCY WALL 17State Fair info guy Dave Bullard tells The Hound that the plan is for the wall to remain a part of the grounds, in a yet-to-be-determined location

Upbeat in a Downpour

State Fair Hound salutes Fair fans who came out on day 12 despite the rain. This tenacious bunch camped out at Chevy Court all day for a concert.

RAINY CC 17It’s not too soon to stock up on raingear for next year. If you’re properly equipped, every day at the Fair is a great day.

Map Quest

Visitors to the 2017 New York State Fair were most likely better oriented to recent layout changes and more able to locate their favorite vendors and attractions. The Fair used a creative, low-tech method to assist them by floating balloons over various areas to lead people to them.   MKT PLACE BALLOON 17That kind of creativity and resourcefulness, complemented by more modern techniques, such as drone-assisted monitoring of parking and traffic, are needed as the Fair continues to grow.

No Muffler Court

Traditions are a vital component at the New York State Fair, but there are some that may have outlived their appeal. Labor Day features a parade by various union groups that march down the front road and circle Chevy Court. Certainly it’s appropriate to recognize and accommodate working folks on Labor Day. But moving the parade to Broadway, as other parades were moved, would be a good idea, still visible, but less disruptive on what has become a very busy day.


For some reason, part of this Labor Day tradition has been the inclusion in the parade of motorcycles being driven along the route. Bikes can be cool and some fairgoers enjoy seeing them, but this year, the roar from some of the engines was ear-splitting. If you were trapped in the Chevy Court/Dinosaur Bar-B-Que island, you were subjected to potential eardrum damage from the excessive noise.

Re-routing this parade and eliminating excessively-loud bikes are two ideas whose times have come.

Wall of Distinction

A graffiti artist seems like an odd attraction for the New York State Fair, but the elongated canvas splashed by Arcy during the baker’s dozen of Fair days was more than a colorful wall. ARCY 17His New York-themed panorama was a collage of people and places, bisecting Times Square and dressing up the entertainment lawn.

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